Technical Projects

Technical Projects

Fire Plans

Study and implementation of fire plans according to Law 5/1999, of June 29, on the Prevention and Fight against Forest Fires and Decree 247/2001 of November 13, which approves the regulations for the prevention and fight against forest fires .


Reforestation and forest restoration
Carrying out forest reforestation projects in areas where forest cover has been lost, either due to anthropic actions, fires or progressive degradation of the vegetation.
Hydrological-Forest restoration projects (actions on soil conservation, correction of torrents and boulevards and regularization of the water regime.


Landscape Restoration
Planting and recovery of vegetation cover in areas where due to its use or activity the existing vegetation has been eliminated (Quarry Restoration), restoration of areas that have lost the vegetation cover as a result of the actions of some works (Restoration of of slopes on roads).


Forest use
Study and implementation of projects for the use of renewable natural resources of a forestry nature (production, transformation and commercialization projects).

Comprehensive pest and disease prevention plans: phytosanitary treatments
Study and implementation of comprehensive plans for the prevention and fight against pests and diseases that may affect landscaped areas.


Hunting exploitation plans
Carrying out the corresponding Technical Hunting Plan according to the hunting management regulations (Decree 182/2005, of July 26), compliance with which guarantees the sustainable use of compatible game species


Forest Management Projects
Law 2/1992, of June 15, Forestry of Andalucia and the Forestry Regulation of Andalusia that develops it, approved by Decree 208/1997, of September 9, establish the need to order the management of forests and their uses, preferably through Management Projects or Technical Management Plans.


Transplantation of large plant species
Transplantation and planting of tree and palm species that due to their special characteristics of size and bearing require the use of special machinery and techniques. 


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